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Water Heater Installation & Water Heater Repair

Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is Tucson’s water heater experts! We service gas, electric, solar and tankless water heating systems in Tucson, AZ. From maintenance, to emergency repairs, to installation our team of plumbing contractors will ensure that you’re never without hot water. Plus, we carry a range of products and systems, so you are in complete control of the quality, efficiency, and life expectancy of your hot water heater.

Standard hot water heaters will give you years of reliable performance when properly installed and maintained. These products have also improved in terms of energy efficiency! Rite Way Plumbing carries ‘best-in-class’ standard water heaters for your Tucson home.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation
Tucson, AZ

Tankless water heaters have shown remarkable improvements in terms of energy efficiency, performance, and longevity. These water heaters give you ‘instant’ hot water, while saving you money on your energy bills! Our expert team of plumbers provides accurate and reliable tankless hot water heater installation in Tucson and the surrounding area. You’ll never be without perfectly hot water on demand!

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Solar Water Heater Installation
Tucson, AZ

Solar water heaters are the most cost effective way to ensure that you’ll have all the hot water you need, plus the savings you’d love to see every month! Rite Way is one of the few companies in Tucson that is qualified to install and service these exciting products!

Solar water heaters have unique components not found on a traditional or tankless hot water heater. These systems include collection tanks and solar collection panels. Rite Way technicians have the most advanced solar training available to ensure that your decision to install a solar hot water system is the right one! We’ll help you understand the following:

  • Your home’s solar resources
  • The correct system size for your home’s solar water system
  • The solar water system’s total efficiency and potential savings
  • Comprehensive understanding of all local codes and considerations when installing a solar water system

Hot Water Heater Installation & Water Heater Repair in Tucson, AZ