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To keep a HVAC system running all year long, the system needs regular maintenance. That’s why we offer a Safety & Efficiency Tune Up.

Many of the units we see for repairs are out of action due to lack of proper maintenance. This is especially true during the season when the system is required to work the hardest to keep you and your family comfortable.

$129 HVAC Tune Up Special… We Guarantee A Working System!

(*Normally $249)

Here at Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we believe that we do such a thorough and professional job with our HVAC Tune Up service that we are willing to back our work with a full money back guarantee*

Have your cooling system serviced to our high Rite Way standards, and our tech will certify it “Rite Way Approved” If your unit happens to break down before the end of the following heating or cooling season, we will either:

  • Apply the cost of your Tune Up to any repair costs, or
  • Write you a check for $129!

Why are we offering such a bulletproof guarantee?

Two reasons:

First, we know how bad it feels to pay for a service only to have a breakdown a few months later, especially when the breakdown results from something that could have been avoided simply by doing a proper job.

Second, we see other HVAC contractors in Tucson offering Tune Ups for $39 or less, only to come out to your home, play with your compressor for a few minutes and then try to sell you something.

We’d rather offer you a high quality, dependable Tune Up, done the Rite Way, and back it up to give you peace of mind. Give us a call today on 520-282-4465 – because we’ll take care of you

What our customers say:

“There’s something different about this outfit. They’ve been servicing my heating/cooling units (there are 2) for several years. They check/clean/tune the units at the start of each heating and each cooling season. For the last couple years they’ve been sending out servicemen who noticeably take their time checking things out and explaining to you where things are with your unit. Compared to your generic ‘repairman’ they seem very knowledgeable and they patiently take whatever time needed so you understand the status of your unit, anything that is necessary as far as maintenance or repair, or anything they recommend to improve or maintain performance.

Regarding that last thing, I appreciate the fact that these guys make recommendations and that’s that; there’s no pressure or sales pitch which has been my experience with A/C service people in the past. 

To me it looks like they’re taking the whole concept of customer service seriously—I wish more repair outfits in Tucson would copy what they’re doing.”

* $129 is for one system. If your home has multiple heating and cooling systems each will need a separate service.
* Not combinable with other offers.

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$89 HVAC Tune Up Special*Normally $249