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Over the years, many advances have been made in air conditioner design that have allowed cooling systems to be more energy efficient. Installing a new energy efficient air conditioner will reduce your energy bill even during the hottest summer months!

If you’re looking to replace your air conditioner, but are unsure about what type is right for you, our friendly and knowledgeable AC installation specialists are available to help you! We can explain the differences and benefits of each cooling system to help you select the air conditioner that meets your needs.

“Can’t say enough about the experience we’ve had with Rite Way, from the very beginning of our business experience to the finished products installed. All the professionals there: Jason, John, Chris, Lorenzo and Jerry, who we had contact with, made the experience enjoyable and above all more than we had expected! Loving our new Lennox split system!”

– Bob B.

Tucson AC Installation Company

As a local air conditioning company in Tucson, AZ, we know what it takes to stay cool during the hot summers! Our team is trained in the newest cooling technologies and has a strong knowledge of energy efficiency. We install the finest brands of AC units and do it at an affordable rate. Our reputation has been built on years of customer satisfaction and great service! We have the experience and the knowledge to deliver a cost-effective cooling solution for your home.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

A central air conditioner is a single unit that will cool the home in its entirety through a system of air ducts. Air that has been cooled in the system travels through the ducts to the various rooms of the house. When the air has warmed, it enters the return registers that take it back to the air conditioner to be cooled again.

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The team of comfort advisors at Rite Way is here to help you find the ideal air conditioning system for your indoor comfort needs. Contact Tucson’s AC experts to discuss your installation and replacement options. Plus, we offer free estimates on air conditioning installation.

During your appointment, our advisor will sit down with you in your home and get a good picture of what you are looking for, what features you’d like, how well your existing air conditioning system cools or heats your home, and how important air quality (which affects allergies) is to you.

They will then complete a full engineering heat load analysis of your home. We’ve found that many homes around Tucson, AZ have the wrong size system in the first place, which means that simply replacing like for like is not always the best approach. Our goal is to install the very best design for both your needs and your home, and thus our extremely thorough approach.

Call now and we’ll send someone out to take care of you and your air conditioning installation needs.

“They seemed to be the most professional of the other companies who came to offer a quote.

One company just came and looked around and offered a quote. Rich came offer, went into the attic to check some stuff. Took measurements of the gate outside, as well as others. He told me, they will most likely need a crane depending on the size of the unit I was purchasing. The he went on his computer and did some calculations to determine the right size of the unit I needed. The other company did none of these.

After a few days of thinking about it I decided to go with Rite Way. I am glad I did. They came in, put up sheets, to protect my stuff, and went about their business. The system is working great.”

– Craig, Sahuarita Home Owner

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At Rite Way we take pride in our work, and not only pull more permits than any other Tucson-based air conditioning company, we then go above those requirements.

“The sales staff and installation crew worked together as a professional, highly trained and quality dedicated group of people. The sales person told me about all of the available units, their functional differences and and benefits. Rite Way’s document folder was extremely helpful in deciding which system to purchase. He also told me when the installation would start and finish. His description of the install crew and their dedication to quality workmanship was not overstated at all.

The system installation took exactly the time I was told it would take. The old systems was removed without leaving a trace of anything ever having been there. The new system was installed on time. The crew chief explained how the system worked and operated. The system controls were easy to use and understand. The crew was truly trained experts in the installation. Every part that was needed to do the install was on the truck.

When they finished there was not a spot of dirt left anywhere. There was nothing left unfinished. Everything was perfect. I recommend Rite Way for product selection and cost, skilled technicians and a salesperson dedicated to seeing that I bought the right product at the right price. Rite Way stands behind their name with pride, service and dedication to the customer first and foremost. Thanks guys, Larry M”

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