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We know that in Tucson, most people don’t think about their air conditioning most of the time. Unless there’s a problem, and we understand that in those times, it can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. Especially on those days over 100 degrees.

Our goal is to help you as quickly and professionally as possible, be that though service, repair or replacement of your system. This is why we have hundreds of five star reviews on Google and are continually recognized as one of the most professional and reliable air conditioning companies in Arizona.

The good news is that if your air conditioner is broken, you might not necessarily need a new unit. Before you purchase a new system, contact Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to diagnose the problem and properly educate you on your options. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many AC companies will tell you your system needs replacing before it actually does. We try to just give you the best advice depending on the age of your air conditioning system and how much it might cost to repair.

That’s why, if you’ve already received a quote for repair or replacement by another air conditioning company, we offer a Free Second Opinion to make sure you are getting good, honest advice.

Our professional AC technicians are trained to repair air conditioning systems from all major manufacturers. If we can repair the A/C unit without having to install a new one, we will!

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Don’t ignore a malfunctioning A/C unit! A minor issue can rapidly become an expensive repair, or even a risk your family’s health and safety. Contact Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today, or click on the links below for more information on our other air conditioning services.

Rite Way has earned it’s positive reputation in Tucson through doing every job the right way, the first time.

“I am so relieved we had Rite Way do our system. We had several bids, and they were by far the most comprehensive. Another bidder that was less tried to tell us they were doing the same thing, but they were only using the same equipment, nothing else was as good as what Rite Way was going to do.”

Mary W

Our customers know they will receive honest, affordable, and reliable air conditioner service every time they contact us, with repair options presented in a clear, understandable way.

Contacting Rite Way about air conditioning repair is easy! Just give us a call and our comfort advisers will schedule an in-home appointment that meets your availability. There is never a good time for a breakdown. That’s why we offer emergency AC repair service. We have trucks working day and night in Tucson!

Does your air conditioner look something like this? ↴


Dirt, dust and debris can cause an air conditioner to perform poorly and break down. The system’s inner workings wear out and they begin to perform less efficiently, then they fail to work entirely. Rite Way’s team of AC contractors can disassemble your air conditioner, find the problem, and fix it. While we do the work, we can fine tune the unit’s interior and replace any bad parts or seals that are inhibiting the A/C unit’s ability to produce cold air with minimal energy consumption.

Emergency AC Repair Service for Tucson

At Rite Way, we don’t just repair air conditioners, we specialize in Tucson air conditioner repair. We’ve done business in Tucson since 1959 and we’ve learned exactly what it takes to keep a Tucson home comfortable during the hot months of summer.

“My AC was on the fritz most of the summer. Prior to calling Rite Way, I had numerous service calls through a different company who kept changing parts including the coil but couldn’t keep the unit running for more than 4 days at a time. On the last service call, I was told that they had to reroute the line set (whatever that is) because the one under the foundation was leaking. It was going to cost me $1200. I called another company who quoted me the same thing.

I finally called Rite Way who immediately sent out a tech to assess the problem. The service techs, diagnosed the problem and fixed it the “rite way”. The previous company had mixed the refrigerants and failed to vacuum the line when they recharged it. And Rite Way could find no leak in the line set. They replaced the filter, vacuumed the line and recharged the system. The tech waited by the unit to make sure it was done correctly. When they came into the house, they put little booties over their shoes to keep from tracking mud into the house.I was very impressed with their service and the unit has been running perfectly since.

The techs were humorous, friendly and knew their business. I will definitely recommend Rite Way to all my friends and neighbors. They did me “rite”.”

Valeda, New Customer

In Tucson, our long and hot summer days put extra demands on air conditioners and cooling systems. A “band-aid fix” won’t cut it! Having an unqualified technician work on your air conditioner will only postpone your next repair. We often work with customers who are asking for a ‘second opinion’ on AC repair which another company has recommended. In many cases we can diagnose the problem better, and promise a better, more affordable or long term AC repair solution.

Save yourself the hassle, call Tucson’s AC repair experts! Call Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing!

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