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When was the last time you had your air conditioner inspected and cleaned? In Tucson, we depend on air conditioning to keep us cool all summer long. Your A/C system needs to be ready to perform in high temperatures and for extended periods of time. Regular tune ups by an experienced air conditioning contractor can extend the life of your cooling system, and keep it running at maximum efficiency!

Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance Tucson

Rite Way is a locally owned and operated air conditioning company in Tucson, AZ. We know what it takes to prepare your air conditioner for the hottest days of summer without breaking a sweat! Plus, we guarantee the quality of our service.

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There’s never a convenient time for your AC unit to stop working, but you can prevent many problems before they start! Call now for air conditioner service from Tucson’s expert AC company!

AC Repair & Tune Up in Tucson

Common Causes of a Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

Letting your air conditioner go a few years without proper maintenance can lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems down the road, including increased utility bills and safety risks. Even newer air conditioners perform less efficiently without regular care from an air conditioning service specialist. When you run your home’s air conditioner improperly, such as leaving windows or doors open during operation, you can overwork the system and cause it to break down more often.

Refrigerant Leaks in the AC Unit

Check the amount of refrigerant in your cooling system to see if it matches the manufacturer’s specifications. Do not add more refrigerant to a system that is already full. Low refrigerant can be caused by improper installation or a leak in the system. Call Rite Way if you suspect a leak! We’ll test the system, seal the leak, and then test it again to be sure it holds up.

Air Conditioner Electric Controls

Corrosion or recurrent shutting on and off of the system can wear on the electronics of fans and compressors. Our experienced AC technicians will check the electrical connections, so that your system runs optimally.

Maintaining AC Filters

Regular air conditioner service is necessary to keep your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly so that the system does not become blocked and prevent airflow. A dirty filter can also cause your dust and debris to enter the evaporator coil preventing it from working properly. Our friendly technicians can teach you about cleaning and replacing your filters regularly so go ahead and ask during your next service visit! We can also clean your air conditioners coils and reshape the fins to return your air conditioner to prime condition.

Insulation & Sealing

Inefficiency in your home’s cooling system may be a result of poor insulation and open gaps in your house. We’re available to test your ducts for leaks and make them airtight. We can also insulate ducts that travel through warm spaces, such as your attic, to ensure that the newly cooled air isn’t heated prematurely!

For those with potentially dirty ducts, we also offer duct cleaning services to remove dirt, dust and debris, and thus further improve home air quality.

Emergency Air Conditioner Service

Need Air Conditioner Repairs? In the event of a breakdown, Rite Way is available 24 hours a day for Emergency air conditioning service. Contact us anytime for Tucson AC Repair!

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