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Polybutylene & Galvanized Pipe Repair & Replacement:
When You Need Whole-House Repiping Service, Rite Way Is Ready To Help

It’s no secret that a large number of Tucson homes built over the last few decades contain either polybutylene or galvanized steel pipes.

When these were installed, it was believed they would last a long time. Unfortunately, it has become clear that galvanized steel has a tendency to rust, and polybutylene pipes have a bad habit of rupturing and leaking with no warning, often causing significant cosmetic and structural damage to homes. This can be a disruptive and expensive experience for a homeowner.

That’s why, smart homeowners often make the decision to be pro-active, and repipe their Tucson homes with new, high quality and less risky materials, before an expensive accident occurs.

When to Repipe Your Tucson Home

Warning signs that you should look seriously at pipe replacement in your home include: Water that has a rusty tint to it, lower water pressure (suggesting a leak already exists), or simply the fact that your home is over 15 years old and contains polybutylene plastic pipes.

We’ve found that in Tucson, many homes have copper fittings coming out of the wall, leading homeowners to believe they have copper pipes throughout. They are often surprised to discover that they have polybutylene pipes behind the wall, especially if their home inspector told them (wrongly) that they have copper piping.

Contact Rite Way for Tucson Pipe Inspections & Replacement

If you’re worried about your situation, or would just like some clarity, we recommend that we send a highly trained plumber to your home to inspect the situation and give your some recommendations. In many cases, we can tell you what kind of piping you have simply based on where your home is and when it was built. In other cases, we need to investigate a little deeper to verify. In either case, we’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of the risk to your home and what your next steps might be.

As a company, Rite Way always aims to provide a much better and easier experience than other Tucson plumbing companies, and that’s why we aim to educate customers about their options. When they decide to repipe, we aim to do it quickly over a couple of days, instead of creating a situation where you have holes in your walls and plumbers in your home for weeks!

Finance your Repipe Services

To make it more convenient for homeowners, we do offer excellent financing options to customers who would rather pay for their repipe services over time.

Tucson’s Trusted Source for Repipe & Plumbing Services

Don’t worry any longer about an imminent water leak in the walls or ceiling of your home. Call Rite Way, and request a plumber come out to discuss repiping your home, because it’s always better to take care of emergencies before they happen, not after.

“The plumbing professional that worked with me was incredibly personable, knowledgeable, and efficient. Rite Way clearly has high expectations for the services they deliver and have engaged educated, articulate professionals in order to maintain high standards of customer service and plumbing quality..”

– Angie’s List Customer

Our customers know they will receive honest, affordable, and reliable plumbing service every time they contact us, with repair options presented in a clear, understandable way.

Call Rite Way today and let us help your with your repiping needs.

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