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Can You Wash an Electric Blanket?

Washing your blankets keeps them fluffy and helps you sleep better. Some blankets require special attention, though, and you may be wondering if you can wash an electric blanket. Will the water and laundry soap damage the electrical components? The good news is that most electric blankets are washable. Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing … Continued

Does Air Conditioning Contribute to Air Pollution?

Air conditioning can cause air pollution if the system is not properly maintained and serviced. If you have an older AC system, there is a chance that it may be contributing to pollution by releasing ozone-forming chemicals into the environment. However, this is less likely if your AC system was installed after 1994. Older models … Continued

9 Reasons Why Copper Is Used In Plumbing

Copper is one of the most important metals used in plumbing today, but it is also one of the most maligned. Copper, PVC, and brass materials are used as alloys to provide durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. There are many different types of copper plumbing fittings and pipes available. Copper plumbing fittings have many benefits. … Continued

A Homeowner’s Guide to Using a Plumbing Snake

Unfortunately, one of the most unpleasant parts about being the owner of your own home is that you have to handle any plumbing issues that pop up. From a clogged toilet to a clogged kitchen sink, you should have a plumbing snake available so that you can handle those unwanted clogs quickly and effectively. If … Continued

How Excessive Rain Can Affect Your Plumbing

No homeowner wants to find themselves dealing with plumbing and water issues. Heavy rains are a common cause of flooding, bringing an onslaught of water-related trouble. When water levels rise in the ground, pipes may also become filled, and these back-ups can lead to a range of costly problems for both homeowners and property managers. … Continued

Can Vomit Ruin My Home’s Plumbing?

Keeping your home’s plumbing system in good working order is obviously essential. Unfortunately, many things can potentially damage or ruin your home’s plumbing and pipes, which is why it is crucial that you are diligent and never flush or wash things down the sink that you shouldn’t. One question we hear surprisingly often is customers … Continued

Best Tricks to Use to Avoid a Leaking Faucet

Best Tricks to Use to Avoid a Leaking Faucet Failing to fix a dripping faucet can cost you more than money. While it’s true that a dripping faucet won’t immediately cause major damage, it can cause minor damage, and it can be annoying. Plus, the minor issues that a leaky faucet causes can turn into … Continued

10 Ways to Get Rid of Limescale

Limescale is a byproduct of hard water containing minerals like calcium and magnesium. Hard water can slowly build up on your fixtures, eating away at the chrome-plated surfaces that are supposed to make your bathroom sparkle. If it builds up too much on a specific area, like the shower head or fixture, you may sense … Continued

The 12 Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Papers

The 12 Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Papers Toilet paper and paper towels are two of the most common household items that are used all over the world every single day. If individuals turn toward using these eco-friendly toilet papers, it will create less waste and reduce their carbon footprints. The toilet paper industry has many companies … Continued

What Effect Do Leaky Windows Have on Interior Heating?

As a proud Tucson homeowner, keeping your home comfortable is one of your top priorities. That means thinking through each component in your residence to ensure it’s contributing to your home’s overall comfort. One of the most important components to think through is your home’s windows. Since your windows are essentially major openings in your … Continued

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